Dog-Friendly Hotel

Vacation with the entire family

Welcome to our dog-friendly hotel, where both you and your four-legged friends are cherished guests! We’re thrilled to have you here and look forward to providing a warm and memorable stay for everyone. So, bring your wagging tails and playful spirits, and let’s make unforgettable memories together.

Pet Etiquette at Ruby River Hotel

Get ready for a pawsitively awesome experience in our dog-friendly hotel. Treat your room, fellow guests, and hotel property like your own cozy home. We have doggy bags around the property for your convenience and a dog park with a double gated entry for your fur baby to run around and play. We’ve got some guidelines for our furry guests to ensure a tail-wagging good time:

  1. Maximum of two dogs per room. If you plan to have your furry companions stay overnight, please register them at the hotel. Our front desk staff will be happy to assist you in welcoming your pets.

  2. We kindly ask that dogs staying with us are not aggressive towards other dogs or guests. Let’s keep the atmosphere friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

  3. For the well-being of your pet and the comfort of other guests, please refrain from leaving your dog unattended in your room when you’re not present. If your pet causes a disturbance to another guest while left unattended, you may be charged a compensation fee, which can amount to a full night’s room charge per night.

  4. It is not permitted to leave your dog unattended in a car within the hotel parking lot at any time.

  5. Whenever in the lobby, halls, or other common areas where dogs are allowed, please ensure that your dog is either confined to a kennel or properly leashed. This also applies during scheduled room visits by our staff for cleaning or maintenance purposes. Failure to do so may result in your room not being serviced.

  6. While taking your dog for a walk, kindly clean up after them by promptly scooping and disposing of all waste in a tightly sealed bag. We have doggy poo bags around the property for your convenience.

  7. Oops! Accidents happen! We get it. Just give us a heads up as soon as possible if your furry friend has a mishap, so we can tackle stains and prevent any damage. Remember, any pet-induced room damage may lead to extra charges. Thanks for helping us keep things clean and fun!

Please note the following fees: Standard and premium rooms have a $25 fee per dog per week, while suites and poolside rooms are subject to a $50 pet fee per dog per week. In the unfortunate event of additional damages to the room, extra charges may apply.

Lastly, failure to inform our staff about your pet upon arrival will result in a non-disclosure fee of $200.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to providing a pleasant and welcoming stay for both you and your four-legged friends!

Form Required

Upon check-in, we require a completed pet-policy form. We have these available at our front desk but if you’d like to save time, you can download the form here.